Report on activity and sustainable development 2020

Chapter 1. Reassure

Justine Coutard, 

of Paris-Orly Airport

The new international zone at Orly 4 is not only a magnificent terminal for our passengers and an efficient working tool for our airlines, but also the culmination of a project that aligns perfectly with our social and environmental ambition. Over the last three years, it has provided more than 63,000 hours of employment inclusion training for jobseekers, more than half of which were provided by Les Compagnons de l’Essonne, with a further 20,000+ provided by Les Compagnons du Val-de-Marne. The building also uses 100% LED lighting to deliver a further 20% gain in energy savings; a solution unprecedented for a building of this size.

New international passenger pathways at Orly 4

The creation of new international passenger pathways marks a new stage in the transformation of Paris-Orly, on completion of a project delivered on schedule. Together, these three interconnected projects offer more space, a higher quality of service and a more seamless experience for international travellers departing Orly 4. This new building, which links to the Orly designed by Henri Vicariot in the 1950s, gives them a brand new, spacious boarding area flooded with light. It also gains the new Haussman-style “La Rue Parisienne” retail space, and new airline lounges. But just as importantly, a new feature completely invisible to passengers, yet essential to the quality of service they receive, is a new baggage routing system capable of handling more than 6,000 pieces of baggage per hour in full compliance with the most demanding standards.

2024: Paris within a 15-minute ride of Orly

Work on the future Paris-Orly station of the Grand Paris Express line continued in 2020. This 22,500 m2 multimodal transport hub will bring together passenger flows using Metro lines 14 and 18, the T7 tramway line, the Orlyval automated shuttle service, Orlybus and the shuttle buses serving Val d’Europe and the
RER C station. All of which will considerably improve access to the airport, where 80% of people currently arrive and leave by road. In 2024, the journey time to Orly from Olympiades station will be just 16 minutes (rather than the current 43), and only 12 minutes from Le Kremlin-Bicêtre (52 minutes today).