Report on activity and sustainable development 2020

Adapting, prioritising and building the future

Chapter 3. Transform

Adapting, prioritising and building the future

The health crisis gave Groupe ADP no choice but to terminate the third Economic Regulation Contract (CRE), which set out its capital expenditure framework for the period 2016-2020, but also to abandon the industrial proposals submitted for consultation reparation for the 2021-2025 sequence. All infrastructure projects planned for the Paris platforms have been reviewed, and the 5-year period previously in place for capital expenditure planning has now been reduced to an annual review. Priority is still focussed on those construction projects that are most advanced, and to maintenance.


The financial and operational optimisation plan adopted in response to the effects of the health crisis has resulted in significant cost savings and has inevitably influenced capital expenditure, leading to unavoidable trade-offs between infrastructure and other projects. The Groupe ADP engineering and development teams adapted very quickly to this unprecedented situation to undertake a detailed review of all projects, form an annual steering committee and engage in a new process of consultation about the long-term future.

As a result, priority has been focused on maintaining expenditure on ensuring installation safety, and completing a number of major projects that are already well advanced. At Paris-Charles de Gaulle, the link between Terminals 2B and 2D was completed at the end of the year. With a total of 77,500 m2 of upgraded (including all of Terminal 2B) and newly created space, this was the airport’s largest ongoing construction project. The project to merge three of the seven international satellites of Terminal 1 continues, as does work on the tracks for the CDG Express – the fast, non-stop rail link that will connect the airport to the capital’s Gare de l’Est with a journey time of just 20 minutes. At Paris-Orly, the redesign of the international passenger pathway at Orly 4 has been completed with the handover of a new boarding area and new baggage sorting system. And internationally, a number of major infrastructure projects have continued in Madagascar, Chile and Guinea.

In Chile, work on the new terminal is nearing completion

Construction work on the new international terminal at Santiago de Chile Airport is now in the final phase ahead of its scheduled opening the second half of 2021. With a floor area of more than 200,000 m2, the new terminal is operated by Nuevo Pudahuel (a consortium 45% owned by Groupe ADP) and will welcome passengers in a setting inspired by the Atacama Desert in
Chilean Patagonia. In accordance with the Group’s environmental trajectory, this airport aims to achieve net zero emissions by 2050.

Thierry de Séverac, 

Director of Engineering 
and Development

Our architects, engineers and project managers have all shown a remarkable level of adaptability and agility. We found ourselves in the position of having to review all our infrastructure projects, re-prioritise our capital expenditure and complete certain projects that were already well advanced, at the same time as conducting a far-reaching detailed study to rethink our long-term development policy with greater focus on innovation and eco-responsibility.